Would A Red Fox Attack My 3 Legged Cat?

my kitty only has 3 legs and likes to go outdoors. my parents saw a male red fox walking through the garden, bit concerned the fox might attack my cat

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  1. Leolupus says:

    It’s very unlikely. Foxes very rarely attack cats. A fox is only a little larger than a cat, and less well-armed – it has only its teeth, whilst a cat has its teeth plus eighteen razor-sharp claws. Also, a fox does not want to get into a fight which could leave it injured and unable to hunt. I’ve never heard of a single incident of a fox killing an adult cat. In every encounter between the two I’ve seen, the fox has come off worst. One of my cats regularly chases foxes out of my garden, and not once has the fox stayed around to fight it out. If you’re worried, though, just keep your cat indoors at night.

  2. birdgirl says:

    Foxes do not usually go after cats..cats are sometimes just as big or larger than foxes so they are definitely not a likely prey item as they would be able to fight a fox off quite well. Sure, a fox would be able to take and kill a small kitten quite easily. I would be more concerned with other outside dangers such as dogs, coyotes, poison, cars, other cats that may fight with yours, fleas, mites, ticks, disease, etc., etc. If you are worried about your cats safety..then keep it indoors.

  3. Thomas G says:

    We had a “cat mutilator” scare around Denver for several years. Parts of dead cats were found and a person was believed responsible. Then they called in a forensics expert. His discovery?
    Foxes were the culprits. Apparently coyotes were ruled out by tooth size and that coyotes could eat the whole cat and not leave parts laying around. The foxes were attacking, killing and eating as much of the cat as they could hold, before their “meal” was taken away by grieving pet owners. None of the missing cats were described as disabled in any way. I’d keep an eye on your cat if you let it go outside.

  4. annie says:

    yes fox would eat your cat. keep the cat in in the evenings when the fox is hunting.

  5. el e-phant says:

    foxes are wimps and get their asses kicked by cats all the time, I reckon he’ll leave your cat alone

  6. d says:

    yes foxes will attack cats but healthy cats can easily fend them off. A 3 legged cat might end up getting eaten.

  7. Nore_Nek says:

    if it has trouble walking and running, it could be in danger. Be careful.

  8. nick h says:

    id be more worried about coyotes

  9. Horny Cow says:

    foxes are known to go for cats, be careful

  10. Takachi says:

    could do just be carefull

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