Water Scarecrow

fox repellent scarecrow

Fox Repellent Scarecrow

This may seem like a bizarre gadget but it has been proven to be very effective, more so than the sonic repellent devices!

How it works:
The unit is connected to a simple garden hose and has a motion detector fitted, as soon as the sprayaway detects motion it blasts a 3 second water burst in that direction scaring away any unwanted visitors. This device keeps away birds, cats, dogs, foxes and many more animals.

The water disburses up to 35 feet and covers an area of 1000sq feet in total 360%, the random spray pattern means animals will not get used to the device and keep them away, ideal as a fox repellent because, as we all know foxes are very clever and would get used to any exact recurring system.

There are a few cheaper alternatives available but lets be honest you do get what you pay for and this model is far superior to any others, buy it from amazon and get it as soon as tomorrow.

This is proven to be one of the most effective animal deterrents and a very humane way to get rid of unwanted animals from your garden.

But it now from amazon at the best price.

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