Sonic Fox Repellent

The Sonic Fox Repellent is an affordable solution to keep foxes at bay with a mixed bag of reviews from users.

In our opinion it does work, the only problem seems to be that the fox gets used to the sound over time and will come back. This should however not deter you from trying it out. Every few weeks please try and move your device to a different place which should help keep the sound random and more effective.

The ultrasonic fox repellent emits a 25 second burst which can only be heard by foxes, cats, dogs and other unwanted animals yet unheard  by humans.

The most popular verison is sold by “the big cheese” and costs a little over ¬£20 from amazon. You can use it with batteries or a mains adapter the latter of which is the better option as batteries can run out quite quickly if you have regular foxes visiting.

This is a great solution at a great price, it’s well worth trying but please from time to time try moving it to various positions around your garden as it should help with it’s success rate – Read more or buy online here.

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