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Welcome to Hubei Sanfbot Co., Ltd

Hubei Sanfbot Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as "company") is located in Huangshi, Hubei province, cradle of Chinese modern industry. "SANFBOT" is a holding company of the public company Hubei Sanfeng Intelligent Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd (stock code: 300276). The company's main products are AGV, industrial robot, FA production line so on and so forth. Our products are commonly applied in automobile, engineering machinery, ASRS, light industry, household appliances, electronics and other industries.

The Companies has owned core technology of the products by learning from overseas and self R&D. After years of hard working, the company has become a technology - oriented enterprise with a senior professional innovation team in domestic. Our products recommended the company to domestic famous users such as JMC (Ford production line), JAC, Shanghai Volkswagen, SGMW, Donfeng Volvo engine factory, Beijing Changhe Motor, Changan Motor, Cauma(shanghai) ,Kawasaki Robot.

Company goal: mastering core technology of homemade robot and fighting for china robot industry booming
Company tenet: we promise to create value for users with first-class technology, high-quality products and sincere service