Fox Repellent

It’s becoming a more common problem and is no longer just associated with the countryside, foxes can be a real pest and killer of your own animals. Urban foxes are now pretty rampant and cause destruction to homes and gardens across the UK.

The fox is a very clever animal and won’t fall for simple tricks to keep them at bay, forget all the myths you have been told that urinating around your property will keep the animal at away, don’t mix up your own concoctions either as this can be both dangerous and a waste of time. What you should be using are approved products which won’t harm any of your own pets or importantly family and friends!

Best Fox Repellents

Sonic Fox Repellents are a great device which emits a sonic boom when an animal enters the protected area, these devices will deter foxes, cats and dogs so can’t be used if you have animals of your own or if your neighbours do.

Fox repellent sprays are ideal for treating your garden and a very effective way to keep the foxes away, best bought from amazon for the best price and fast delivery.

No matter what your situation may be there will be a fair, safe and friendly repellent available to keep the fox away, be it to protect your chickens or vegetable patch you will find a suitable solution by searching amazon for fox repellents or looking around out site for more information about the various products available.

Best Fox Repellent Device.

sonic fox repellentThis product is both very effective and very affordable, made by a specialist company called the big cheese. The mega sonic repeller blasts a 25 second sonic burst to scare away unwanted animals in a wide area, The motion senor picks up movement and the sonic blast begins.

This is not harmful to animals or humans but does act as a very effective deterrent.

The best place to buy is from for quick delivery and a lower price than you will find anywhere else, get your fox repellent device today and rid foxes from your garden!

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Ways To Repel Foxes

There are many gadgets and gizmo’s on the market that claim to be effective and humane fox repellents, the fact of the matter is many just won’t work. Fox traps are very effective but can be seen a cruel and should only really be used by trained professionals.

Simple Steps To Keep Foxes Away

Make sure you don’t leave food or waste lying around to attract the animals, the foxes are looking for food so an overflowing bin is just like a gourmet buffet or a kebab to a rather intoxicated human. It sounds simple enough but keeping your bins closed or locked Will help keep them away.

If your main problem is urban foxes rummaging through your bins get a padlock and keep it locked, as we said earlier the fox is very intelligent and will soon learn they can’t get at the food waste inside.

Simple steps like these have proven to be a big success in repelling foxes from urban gardens, take a look around your own garden from the eyes of a fox and see what you have lying around that could be appealing.